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About MNB OOH Advertising

MNB OOH Advertising is an industry recognised and independent media planning and buying agency in Pakistan.

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MNB OOH Advertising was established in 1968 as an outdoor media agency on modern lines with innovative ideas and organizational framework fit to meet the present day needs of outdoor advertising world.

MNB is fully equipped to undertake all outdoor advertising assignments i.e. outdoor media buying, nationwide merchandising, brand activation for our various valuable clients. We provide ourselves with our reliability and ability to always deliver on time and within budget. We are creative, innovative and customer focused.


Mr. Muhammad Nasim Butt (late) was the founder and chairman of M/S MNB OOH Advertising founded MNB in 1968. Due to his hard work and innovative ideas, MNB has managed to be one of the largest outdoor media company in Pakistan displaying and maintaining its own 100’s of billboard sites across Pakistan and hence proud to be one of the largest stakeholders. We have a strong team network nation-wide with head office in Karachi and branches in Lahore, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. 100’s of vendors are associated with us nation-wide helping us to fulfill the jobs and achieving the goals assigned to us by our various valuable clients.

MNB OOH Advertising is a company distinguished for its high quality performance and primacy in the world of OOH (Out-of-House) media since 1968.

It is one of the top media buyer in the country operating with;

  • Hoardings
  • Mopies
  • Pole Signs
  • Bridge Panels
  • Streamers and
  • Mega Billboards

Employment of the most up-to-date technologies / materials to provide customers with the most attractive and effective outdoor advertising options available.

Vision Values

If You are about to choose your advertising agency, probably You would like to know, why you should choose us? Evaluate our benefits.

MNB’s vision is very simple:
To become the Pakistan’s leading advertising agency, offering the best experience for clients who require ‘measurable results’.

Result Oriented Philosophy
Our team is oriented to results. Creativity, visuals, originality are tools to achieve better results in communication and advertising.

Experience In Market
Our work experience starts from 1968. Use our advertising experience.

We have implemented various projects for largest advertising Customers in Pakistan. They rely on us, we proved, that we are worth to rely on.

We offer solutions that suits various Customers’ needs. We work with largest, as well as with smallest Customers, implementing original solutions

Saved Time
Working with us you will get all communication services from our hands. You will save your time and therefore money and you will benefit from concentrated with experienced management.

Saved Money
Our rates are lower than rates of other nation wide advertising agencies. We save our customer’s money as our own. By placing your advertising message you can use our accumulated discounts. Also we will advise how to save money in advertising.

Our Works
Our works and managed projects can show more, than our words. See our works.

Our Values
MNB is committed to upholding professional standards within the industry as well as loyalty to our clients and business allies. The firm’s mission, vision, and statements of values are based on, and take into account, standards already set by the founder. The founder has desgnated an inner core of non-negotiable values with regard to integrity, honesty and responsibilities to our community. We are company, that is goal oriented. We are worth to choose to if you value:

  • Work results
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Work experience and expertise
  • Team work

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