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MNB provides bus shelters services to leading international & local brands of Pakistan.

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Custom bus shelters make your city’s signature statement. They’re anything but ordinary, the transit shelters you’re envisioning. All you need is the right partner to design and engineer that vision. One who’ll ensure your success from the start. And that means even before your bid date.

MNB’s custom-fit solutions at off-the-shelf prices start with a consultation. We’ll meet by phone or in person, if you prefer, to discuss your vision, your goals, and your budget. Your team may have differing views on the project. Our team will help evaluate the ideas and show you how value-engineering by our experts can satisfy the most demanding requirements to create a one-of-a kind concept.

Unique styles and architectural accents include options like exclusive stress-reducing artwork, solar strategies, insulation for winter warmth and summer cool and…well almost anything you can imagine. And don’t overlook critical complementary structures that can add to your project’s success. Canopies. Walkways. Windbreaks. Stair enclosures. Bike racks.

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