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MNB provides inflatable advertising services to leading international & local brands of Pakistan.

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MNB offers the best in inflatable advertising. Our promotional inflatable are exact reproductions of well-known characters, objects, and symbols that potential customers can immediately associate with positive thoughts and images. Inflatable advertising is a form of promotion that has proven to be extremely effective when leveraged the correct way. With promotional inflatable at your command, you can promote your business in a unique way that customers will be happy to receive. Take a step away from the crowd by investing in a fun and creative promotional product that is sure to please and attract new business.

MNB offers a wide selection of inflatable advertising products such as sports products, giant inflatable balloons that expand up to a monstrous thirty feet, custom floor and car mats to outfit the interior of your customer’s cars, and even well-known character inflatable. These high-visibility inflatable products are strong tools to build your corporate brand and improve your marketing program.

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