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MNB provides outdoor advertising services to leading international & local brands of Pakistan.

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Do you want to create a high-impact, long-term message in the marketplace? Are you looking for advertisement that delivers fast, high reach and frequency? Then you’ve come to the right place. MNB provides the most outstanding outdoor advertising opportunities in Pakistan. We deal in all sizes of billboards placed on key locations in major cities of Pakistan.

The standard sizes are:

  • 10 feet tall by 20 feet wide
  • 15 feet tall by 45 feet wide
  • 20 feet tall by 60 feet wide
  • 30 feet tall by 90 feet wide

Billboards are used to display hand-painted or computer generated vinyl images. They create a high-impact, long-term message in the market place. The large, full-color displays offer prestige, dominance and advertising continuity.

These permanent structures are available throughout Pakistan. MNB has strategically located these billboards on strategic location within all major cities, major highways and arteries to inform potential customers. The normal contractual period is 1 – 36 months.

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